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engage all your customers with our simple to use platform.

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Send messages immediately or on a schedule, you can also send personalized messages.

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Our dashboard gives you a bird's eye view of all your messaging activities, letting you quickly create new campaigns or view reports on previous campaigns.

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An exciting messaging experience

Sending messages immediately or at a scheduled date? BigMsgBox is designed to ensure your campaigns generate the right results. Our reporting feature also gives you insight on how your messages are performing

Pete Anderson Product Manager

I tried BigMsgBox for the first time and I was blown away by how quickly customers begun responding to our product. We used it to gather feedback and it was an awesome experience.

Valerie Simpson Customer Success Manager

We needed a way to engage customers and to remind them of pending orders and payments that were due. BigMsgBox helped us do just that through smart notifications.

Anna Marie Jones Marketing Manager

I needed a subtle way to advertise to customers without being too intrusive. SMS marketing through BigMsgBox helped us run promos and marketing campaigns that increased sales.

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